Our Airport Takeovers Continue with the launch of Steel Bonnets… | The Lakes Distillery Our Airport Takeovers Continue with the launch of Steel Bonnets… – The Lakes Distillery

The distillery’s airport activations continue with the launch of Steel Bonnets and the ONE British Isles Blended Whisky into all World of Whisky duty free stores UK-wide.

This week saw the launch of our ‘containment’ site at Newcastle Airport – the first spirits company to take over the prominent area at Newcastle International Airport celebrating our entire range. The site will be in situ for 3 weeks with your opportunity to sample our range and pick up a bottle (or two!) and the Rhubarb & Rosehip Gin liqueur crackers at duty free prices.

Steel Bonnets takes pride of place with a looping video of our stunning landscape being reflected in the background.

This first English and Scotch malt whisky was developed as a nod to our heritage and region – and what better way to showcase it than in this key position at Newcastle Airport which serves a large catchment area specific to our region; including North East, South Scotland, Cumbria and North Yorkshire.

The activation at Newcastle Airport follows activity in Gatwick North where we took over their Tasting Bar giving business flyers and holiday makers a chance to discover our range on their way to their next adventure. Over the next 6 weeks in the run up to Christmas, you’ll also see activations in Manchester T1 until the 3rd January.

Our Rhubarb & Rosehip Gin Liqueur has already made a huge impact in the duty free retail space, securing the number #2 selling pink gin in WDFG over the summer period.

Maria Duddin, UK Sales Director said this was an important moment for the distillery, “The visibility we get at locations like this means we have the opportunity to get in front of a global audience developing brand advocates along the way. World whisky gifting in the travel retail market is a key part of the business’ strategic operations.”


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