Less than 5% Founder Memberships left

We are on the countdown! Less than 5% of Founder Club memberships remain.

There are less than 5% of the original 2975 memberships remaining in The Lakes Distillery Founders’ Club before the final memberships go to international auction.

The Founders’ Club has been available as early as 2012, before the distillery was even open in 2014.

Paul Currie, Managing Director, said of this landmark, “The Founders’ Club has been a fundamental part of the distillery’s early days. This milestone demonstrates the growth of the business and we look forward to bringing the existing 2,700 members on our Single Malt whisky journey with us.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank those Founders who had the faith to invest so early in the quality of the spirit we are producing.”

The Founders’ Club celebrates the start of whisky history in the Lake District. It was designed to show whisky enthusiasts how the spirit evolves during maturation and the role good quality casks play in making the final product. The distillery prides itself on the focus and commitment required in producing absolutely the best whisky we can make – the club illustrates this in the 10-year journey.

Alongside a 10-year whisky collection, the club joins together twice a year for exclusive whisky tastings and talks – the next event is set for the 20th May of this year. On the 16th of December every year, they also celebrate the day the first spirit flowed at this distillery – so the December 2017 event is another milestone in the Distillery’s calendar as the business reaches its’ three-year ‘maturation’ period.

The last 100 memberships will be going to international auction later this year, with hand-signed and numbered bottles.

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