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The Lakes Gin Collection

A classic gin with vibrant notes of juniper, orange peel and lemon citrus. A well balanced palate of nine carefully selected botanicals steeped in the finest British wheat spirit, along with pure water from the Lake District National Park. Gently distilled for an unusually unhurried eighteen hours, resulting in an exceptionally smooth gin.

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Traditionally made

Gently distilled

Made at our renovated Victorian farmstead-distillery in the Lake District National Park, we create our classic Lakes Gin’s distinctive flavour by consciously curbing the botanical blend and protracting its infusion with the finest British wheat spirit and purest Cumbrian water. Our bespoke traditional copper still works her magic for an indulgently long time, producing a flavourful, exceptionally smooth gin.

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World Gin Awards 2019
Gold UK Classic Gin

Tokyo Wine & Spirits Competition 2019
Gold Medal Explorer Gin

World Liqueur Awards 2019
Gold Medal - Rhubarb & Rosehip Gin

Scottish Field Challenge
Best Gin Outwith Scotland - Explorer Gin

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Classic dry gin

The Lakes Gin

The Lakes Gin is our classic dry gin with delicate notes of citrus and juniper. We recommend a premium light tonic and a slice of pink grapefruit.

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Super premium

The Lakes Explorer Gin

The Lakes Explorer Gin is a complex super premium gin with zesty notes and herbal overnotes with a long and aromatic finish.

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Gin liqueur

Lakes Rhubarb & Rosehip Gin Liqueur

The Lakes Rhubarb and Rosehip Gin Liqueur is the perfect balance derived from the Lakes Gin, with a layer of Rhubarb and the fruit of the Rose.

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Gin liqueur

Lakes Elderflower Gin Liqueur

Fresh and fruity, delivering a fine balance of delicate elderflower and hints of juniper. Try it long as a spritz with tonic, lime, lemon and cucumber slices.

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Gin liqueur

Lakes Damson Gin Liqueur

A light damson gin liqueur, with hints of fresh cherry, ripe plums and juniper berries with hints of spice. Refreshing in a rose lemonade or lemon tonic.

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Gin liqueur

Lakes Sloe Gin Liqueur

A classic sloe gin liqueur with The Lakes Gin at the heart of the spirit. Hints of raspberry jam, with orange citrus, juniper and coriander.

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