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The Whiskymaker's Editions

Exceptional diversions from our sherry-led house style, The Whiskymaker’s Editions are special-edition single malt whiskies which showcase whiskymaker Dhavall Gandhi’s sense of adventure in cask selection, maturation, and blending.


Each unique bottling is an expression of creative freedom, the product of a playground where instinct, experience and inspiration roam free, coming together to realise one intrinsic objective; the creation of outstanding flavours.

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Freedom of expression


An expression of artistic freedom, The Whiskymaker’s Editions are the product of a playground where instinct, experience, and inspiration roam free. 

Expressing thoughts, ideas, and emotions through the language of whisky, it is our whiskymaker’s capacity for abstract reflection that allows us to create each limited Edition.

Bold, courageous, and confident, Liberty is the perfect exponent of our wholehearted belief in the freedom of expression.

A whisky that speaks for itself, at 56% ABV, Liberty is a single malt whisky made through the art of blending and the layering of flavours and textural nuances.

Free from the restrictions and influence of tasting notes and cask specifications it is a blank canvas for the drinker, and we invite you to follow our lead and embrace the liberty to experience and interpret this creation any way you please. Liberty and gusto for all!

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Bold & Expansive


The iconic ever-changing landscape in North California's renowned wine country is the inspiration for The Whiskymaker’s Editions Sequoia, a new and balanced single malt whisky from The Lakes Distillery.

Heavily influenced by a diverse combination of cask types and exploring the subtleties of flavour through blending, Sequoia paints a very different picture to most red wine influenced whiskies, never failing to surprise and reward the adventurous.

Bold and expansive, the drinking experience is deep and multi-dimensional, with complex layers and intrigue, ripe for discovery.


On the nose and palate, redcurrants take the lead, stridently setting out for spiced chocolate, taking in red grapes and dried fruits, with pleasingly indulgent butterscotch, fig and cinnamon diversions along the way.

Sequoia is non-chill filtered, bottled at the natural colour at 53% ABV, and available exclusively in The Lakes Distillery’s heartland, via Booths and the distillery’s own shop.

Following recent international distribution partnerships with Bresser & Timmer in the Netherlands, Oyama in Japan, and Young Charly in Belgium, Sequoia will also be available to specialist whisky retailers and the drinks industry in Japan, Singapore, China, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Italy.


our responsibility

Sustainable packaging

Locally sourced cartons from a paper mill in the heart of The Lake District.

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Launched in a celebration of the very best festive food and drink.

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Launched 15th October

Available in the UK exclusively from our heartland in North West England.

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Elegant & restrained


An exceptional diversion from The Lakes Distillery’s sherry-led house style, The Whiskymaker’s Editions - Recuerdo is a complex and multi-layered single malt whisky, inspired by precious memories of the comforting character and texture of Cognac to soothe and relax both body and mind.

The Lakes’ whiskymaker, Dhavall Gandhi, has created a silky-smooth and complex whisky, brim-full of indulgent fruits, nuts and spices.

With unique, rare and bespoke ex-sherry casks playing a supporting role, it is the art of blending which takes the lead in bringing together the single malt’s flavours and textural nuances; the brushstrokes of the final masterpiece.

Spanish for a ‘treasured memento’, Recuerdo simultaneously conjures and creates one of the whiskymaker’s most cherished recollections, unveiling elegance and restraint as sultanas spiral into intense dark chocolate, with toasted almond and candied orange peppering the palate before dissolving into silky-smooth treacle.

The Whiskymaker’s Editions - Recuerdo is non-chill filtered, bottled at the natural colour and 57% ABV. Officially launched at the London Whisky Show on Friday 1st October, it will first be available at The Whisky Exchange's London stores (Great Portland Street, Covent Garden, and Tower Bridge) and, and from other specialist whisky retailers across London.

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Scarfes Bar, London

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In the making

The art of blending

The art in whisky creation is to elevate and control flavour nuances.

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Complex & Aromatic

Bal Masque

Complex and aromatic, Bal Masque bears the mystery and seduction of a masquerade ball in its depths. 

Flavours and aromas mingle like masked revellers with featherlight touches, coquettish flourishes and always the promise of more. Of being transported to unchartered territories beyond expectations.

The beauty of Bal Masque derives from the mercurial, not the obvious. With guile, wisdom, wit and panache, our whiskymaker has conducted enigmatic French oak casks to create a seductive, mysterious character. 

Forbidden orchard fruits abound and entwine on the tongue with sweet sensory spices, raisins, vanilla and nutmeg, with subtle background notes of toasted almonds and incense. 

To create a sense of intrigue and seduction, with Bal Masque we used only French oak to mature the whisky. Working with French oak for primary maturation can be tricky in comparison to using American and Spanish oak, but the results can be quite fascinating. When used exclusively, the abundance of tannins and wood extractives can create a beautifully seductive and mysterious character.

Non-chill filtered, bottled at the natural colour and 54% ABV, The Whiskymaker’s Editions - Bal Masque is available from specialist whisky stores throughout the UK.

in the making

Using French oak

When used exclusively, the tannins can create a beautifully seductive character.

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Max Löffler

Meet the illustrator of the masquerade ball scene.

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Versatile & Expansive


Portuguese for 'sea-view', time advances, shadows lengthen, and the conversation meanders as the day drifts into dusk.Big skies and panoramic ocean views progressively, irreversibly, transform before the very eyes. Sundown, moon up. Old friends surrendering themselves to evolution, letting destiny take care of itself.

With a delicately complex sweetness and layers of intricately woven flavour, Miramar is bursting with stone fruit character contrasted with comforting vanilla and hints of gentle spice, dried Morello cherries cavort with Santa Rosa plums. Fresh apricot perfumed elegance fills the warm sea air, with cinnamon, honey and toasted malt featherlight on the ocean breeze.

Versatile and expansive, with only 600 individually numbered bottles made at 54% ABV.


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Delicate & Elegant

Le Goûter

The Whiskymaker’s Editions - Le Goûter (Lay-Goo-Tay) is inspired by treasured memories of wonderful anticipation and taste sensations created on childhood cake shop excursions. 

Transporting you to the exquisite Parisian streets in spring, Le Goûter is a one-off release of The Whiskymaker’s Editions that has been exclusively made for Harvey Nichols showcasing the sense of adventure of The Lakes’ whiskymaker Dhavall Gandhi. Le Goûter unfurls a light and delectable dimension of The Lakes Single Malt. 

With only 306 numbered bottles produced at 49.5% ABV, the whisky’s delicate sophistication and understated elegance carry you away to the heady patisserie, where fragrant jasmine and crème anglaise swirl into hints of pear, citrus zest and freshly baked madeleines.  


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Rare & refined


Drawn from our whiskymaker’s collection of bespoke casks, the inaugural release of The Lakes Whiskymaker's Editions brings Colheita Port's influence into the frame.

In Portuguese, Colheita (Col-yate-a) means “harvest”, which in this instance is a supreme and exceptionally rare expression of aged Tawny Port made exclusively of grapes from a single vintage.


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Whiskymaker's Editions Single Malt Whisky - Colheita