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A moment of inspiration

All distilleries have a creation story, that moment of inspiration - some might say madness - when someone decides that they need to make whisky. Paul Currie may have had whisky in his veins, but why should he stick to Scotland? It is not only about the 'why' but also about the 'why not'.

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"The renaissance bringing distilling back to Cumbria after 100 years."

Rob Allanson, Editor, Whisky Magazine

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The pull of place

A place to call home

Five miles north-west of the popular tourist destination of Keswick and just one hundred and fifty yards from an excellent water supply, Paul identified a disused, broken down dairy farm that looked promising. A barn with enough height was in place to accommodate the vitally important stills and the grounds housed perfectly proportioned buildings. 

a place to call home

The beginning

The start of our journey

Made of beautiful local stone and slate, the original farmstead featured all the architectural detail and splendour of this period of Victorian prosperity.

This 160-year old building had stood derelict for over 20 years, and we began a project to breathe new life to them. Meticulous renovation began. Replacement materials were sourced from within the Lake District National Park, which was the guiding principle behind the whole renovation. Slate and cobbles were brought from south Cumbria, sandstone was sourced from near Penrith. The original Westmorland green slates were carefully stripped from the roof, cleaned up and re-used. 

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The cornerstone of our values

The Quatrefoil

The quatrefoil is an ancient Celtic symbol representing faith, hope, luck and love. During the extensive renovation, 26 depictions of the quatrefoil symbol were unearthed in the original masonry and are preserved as a daily reminder of our core beliefs. 

These beliefs; faith, hope, luck and love are our compass points, traversing the state of the art technology, advanced scientific thinking and boundless creativity, leading us to new heights of exceptional flavour.

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The early days

Work begins

The arrival of the stills