The Quatrefoil Collection
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The Quatrefoil Collection
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An inspired collection

The outstanding natural beauty of the Lake District has forever captivated the most artistic of minds. We take inspiration from the spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site where we’ve meticulously restored a 160-year-old Victorian farmstead on the banks of the River Derwent.


Sculpted into the very bedrock of our distillery, the quatrefoil represents our core beliefs, which are at one with the soaring summits and expansive waters nearby. Faith, hope, luck and love are our compass points, traversing state-of-the-art technology, advanced scientific thinking and boundless creativity, leading us to new heights of exceptional flavour.

Dhavall Gandhi

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A showcase of our whisky making philosophy

The Quatrefoil Collection provides a unique opportunity to experience individual flavours derived from specific oak species and sherry varieties.

Each bottle within the Quatrefoil Collection highlights the individual flavours, which, when blended together reflects the house style of The Lakes Single Malt.  The collection showcases our distinctive sherry-led maturation philosophy, demonstrating the wide flavour spectrum the use of American or Spanish oak can offer. Dhavall has meticulously selected the finest and rarest casks available to create this exclusive collection.

As with all single malt whisky from The Lakes Distillery, we add no colourants so the collection truly reflects the natural colour varation that comes from the use of American and Spanish oak. 

The entire collection is bottled at 55% ABV or above and non-chill filtered to offer a richer mouthfeel and full depth of flavour.

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The Collection




It takes courage to even contemplate tackling Striding Edge - arguably the most precarious, exposed, thrilling walk in the Lake District, if not the British Isles - and faith to conquer it. 

Faith is a complex single malt whisky, matured initially in American & Spanish oak casks seasoned with Bourbon and Oloroso. This was followed by a second maturation in PX hogsheads made up of American and Spanish oak. 

The result is a whisky with comforting notes of vanilla, dried fruits and hints of cinnamon.

56.5% ABV

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Sunrise at the summit of Scafell Pike; a new dawn, a panorama of possibility, of the farflung corners of this Sceptred Isle. An awakening of hope, the catalyst for ambition.

Hope is an intense single malt whisky matured exclusively in first-fill Spanish oak Oloroso and PX hogsheads.

The result is an incredibly fragrant whisky with distinctive spiciness and stone-fruit character.

59% ABV

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The River Derwent conveys opportunity on its free-flowing currents, enlivening our spirit and bringing fortune to those bold enough to harness its natural power and lucky enough to drink its pure clarity.

Luck is a rich and bold whisky, matured exclusively in Spanish oak PX hogsheads with an intense dried-fruit character and honeyed sweetness.

The result is a characterful whisky with intensely bold layers of sun-dried sultanas, toasted brown sugar, aromatic wood spice, stewed pears, cinnamon and toffee.

57.4% ABV

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Once described as a lonely territory of sombre beauty where nature has been left undisturbed, Skiddaw rises and falls abruptly with heartfelt passion, an infinite expression of love's intensity.


Vanilla cream, dried fruits.

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A limited edition collection

Limited to only 1,000 collections 

The first releases, FAITH and HOPE, are now available. The following creations of LUCK and LOVE will be released in autumn 2020 and 2021 and sent directly to you to complete your collection. Buy now upfront or spread the cost through online direct debit. 

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