Take the lead, follow your instinct
Experience a distillery like no other.
Take the lead, follow your instinct
Experience a distillery like no other.
Take the lead, follow your instinct
Experience a distillery like no other.
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The inspiration of our art is nature

The Lakes has long been a crucible for creativity, a place in which the imagination can flourish, and it's not different for Dhavall Gandhi. The Lakes Distillery's whiskymaker takes his inspiration from the UNESCO World Heritage Site where our state-of-the-art distillery has been built meticulously within a 160-year old farmstead on the banks of the River Derwent.

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"Our sole intent is to make a whisky which expresses The Lakes through flavour."

- Dhavall Gandhi

The Lakes Whiskymaker


Our home

The Lake District National Park

The majestic surroundings for our beautifully renovated Victorian farm in the Lake District National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site inspire our range of fine whiskies, gins and vodka.

Inviting and informal, the distillery runs an award-winning visitor attraction located in the England's largest National Park. 

A good place for whisky

The Lakes exerts a pull on the soul

This pull has been the same for hundreds, maybe thousands, of years. Poets, artists, novelists, sculptors, have been drawn here, its fells and waters make people settle down and stay, draw more in.

This is a good place to make whisky. It is a good place to be. It changes perspective, gets into your bones. 

Why the Lakes?

Whisky is more than a drink

All distilleries have a creation story, that moment of inspiration, some might say madness, when someone decides that they need to make whisky. Tied to the desire to distil is the pull of a place. So, the first question is why the Lakes?

Whisky at its best triggers an emotional response, it is more than a drink. It shares that with landscape. 

If you strip it back to basics what you need for a new distillery is access to lots of cold, clean water, space for storing the casks, and access to market. You could make whisky anywhere these requirements are met. What makes you choose the place, speaks of the person.

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"It was a moment of magic, a revelation so unexpected that I stood transfixed... I had seen landscapes of rural beauty pictured in the local art gallery, but here was no painted canvas; this was real. This was truth."

Alfred Wainwright