Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and The Lakes Distillery is the perfect little spot to be ‘whisky’d’ off your feet!

Ahhhh Valentine’s Day… a day of warmth, love and all-round mushiness. We’re a strong believer in ‘Love at First Sip’. With our beautiful scenery, ambient Bistro, and fantastic spirits, this spot is just the place to impress the ‘Gin’ to your ‘Tonic’!

Love really is in the air, and for one couple in particular, we were lucky enough to play a huge part in their love story!

Founder members, Sam and Chloe first met at sixth form through mutual friends and had an instant connection. Prior to their wedding in the Summer last year, they contacted us with an unexpected and exciting request. The couple wanted to incorporate the grain of our casks into the design of their wedding rings.

Fast forward six months, we got in touch with Sam for a catch up…

We are thrilled that you decided to have us as part of your big day. How was the wedding?

The day was very calm and relaxed. In the morning there was a thunderstorm, and it stopped just as Chloe left for the church.  Our photographers Matt and Esther Photography captured the moment Sam arrived at the church in the storm perfectly (It’s Chloe’s favourite photo of the day). We made sure we had some of ‘The ONE’ on hand throughout the day to help calm the nerves. Once we left the church after the ceremony, it turned out to be one of the finest days of the summer, with glorious sunshine and temperatures to match.

What made you choose the design for your rings?

We chose it as we wanted something unique, that no one else would ever have. I felt the Lakes had always held such wonderful memories for Chloe, and with my love of Whisky and The Lakes, it was a perfect way to bond us together forever.

What is it about the distillery that is so special to you both?

The Lake District has always been a large part of Chloe’s summers, as she started visiting with her family  over 20 years ago. I first visited the Lakes 5 years ago, and immediately fell in love with the area. I have always had a fascination with whisky, and when I discovered the Lakes had its own, new distillery, I had to visit! Once we had completed our first tour, I knew it was going to be something special, so I joined the Founders Club immediately, and have never looked back.

One of our fondest memories would actually come from our last visit, during our honeymoon, in Summer 2017. It was a very rainy day, we had just completed our tour, and got a chance to show the Distillery team our wedding rings. We wanted to see the Alpacas, so we both ran down the field, getting completely soaked, to see the baby Alpacas huddling under a tree, looking back at us as if we were mad!

Being a member of the Founders’ Club, is a love of whisky something you both share?

My love of whisky stems from my Grandad, who would only ever drink whisky. When I went to university, I started to become a real whisky “geek”, and constantly found myself looking for new bottles to try! I eventually passed my love for whisky on to Chloe, who now also enjoys a dram as much as I do! When we first visited the distillery, we both fell in love with it, as well as the blended whisky being produced! We are both very much looking forward to tasting the first single malt.

We’ve all been charmed by Sam and Chloe’s story and we’re honoured that they chose to have us as part of their big day! Congratulations and we look forward to seeing you at the Distillery soon.