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We received a surprise in the post this week, a carefully crafted handwritten poem all about why The Lakes Gin truly is the best.
It’s not that often you receive a handwritten letter in the post, let alone a poem. It seems our Lakes Gin has certainly left a lasting impression on this poetic gin genius. A big thank you to Mr Robinson for his poetic efforts – glad to see the Lakes Gin has got your creative juices flowing.

The Lakes Gin Poem
Read the full poem below

I really had to write to say
I’m just so glad you came my way
Your “products” are the best by far
In fact I rate them all five star!
If you have to host a party or a do
it must be “Lakes Gin” for me and you.
I tell you “Lakes Gin” is really great
so tell your family and your mates.
In summer winter autumn and spring
Lakes great gin is just the thing.
“Lakes Gin” gives you so much more –
quality & value and that’s for sure.
You will pay your bill and still be jolly
with “Lakes Gin” prices you’ll save lolly.
“Lakes Gin” makes the perfect gift
so give your pals and chums a lift –
birthdays, Christmas or any event
“Lakes Gin” really is money well spent.
“Lakes Gin” makes your life complete –
the opposition just can’t compete.
I send my best to management and staff
and hope this rhyme gives them a laugh!
These words are true I do not jest –
“Lakes Gin” truly is the best!


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