We’ve created a list of perfect gifts to help you pick the perfect present for your dad after years of being your personal taxi, picking you up off your bike and playing your favourite sports in the garden. 

Dad. He’s been around for a while. He knows what he likes and how he likes it. Whether it’s his favourite sport, TV programme or chair to relax in.


Not just The ONE way to have his whisky.

Giving Dad whisky for Father’s Day is a time-honoured  tradition. Getting him to share it with you is even more time-honoured.

We recommend The ONE neat however to enhance more flavour add a few drops of water. Make sure your enjoy it the way he likes it.

This whisky is perfect in The Lakes Distillery Rocking Glass to ensure it’s never split no matter how clumsy dad might be.

If dad likes his whisky over ice, why don’t you treat him to whisky rocks.  They are the perfect addition to his glass without changing the flavour.

The Dartington Triple Tipple Gift Box is perfect for all whisky connoisseurs ensuring there is a glass for a couple of whiskies at once.

Gin-spire the ways he likes his G&T

If your Dad is a man who likes a bit of adventure, The Lakes Gin Explorer Edition is exactly what he’s looking for. We recommend this gin with Mediterranean Tonic Water over ice and garnished with a slice of pink grapefruit.

If your dad needs the perfect glass to sip his G&T from, then The Lakes Distillery Balloon Glass  is the perfect size for the best thirst-quenching drink.


If your dad likes a stronger tipple The Lakes Gin Explorer is delicious when used within a Negroni.

All it takes is equal parts Gin, Sweet Vermouth & Campari. Add all of the ingredients to a glass with plenty of ice, stir it to dilute and chill the drink. Finish it off by adding a nice wedge of orange, or the use the peel to get all of the essential oils from the fruit.

Everyone likes Vodka in their own way

If your dad doesn’t have a favourite spirit, then The Lakes Vodka is perfect for him. This spirit can be mixed whichever way dad likes it. The Lakes Bloody Mary is a great serving suggestion, and perfect for brunch, lunch and even after dinner. See our recipe below.

50ml The Lakes Vodka, 125ml Tomato Juice, Bar spoon of Dry Sherry

Tabasco Sauce/Worcester Sauce (to taste)

Combine vodka, tomato juice, sherry and shake. Pour in highball glass . Garnish with celery, cucumber and a twist of lemon.

Add Tabasco Sauce and Worcester Sauce so it tastes the way dad likes it.

Also, The Lakes Espresso Vodka Liqueur  is a delicious take on The Lakes Vodka. With flavours of roasted espresso beans and hints of dark chocolate this vodka is sweet yet bitter. This is perfect neat, with cola or whichever way dad likes it.

Or, why not get him something a little different…

   The Lakes Distillery Silk Tie                                     The Lakes Distillery Hip Flask                                The Lakes Distillery Apron

Or if he hasn’t yet visited The Lakes Distillery, and experienced one of our award-winning tours then a voucher is perfect. The Lakes Distillery Tour with Extra Tastings will take him on an experience like no other with the sights, smells and heat of a working distillery.

No matter what you give him this Father’s Day, we hope you have a lovely day.

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