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Discover how to create the perfect Gin and Tonic serve in time for World Gin Day.  

We all know someone has been counting down the days until World Gin Day on the 9th June 2018.  Celebrate World Gin Day with all things gin – it creates a  legitimate excuse (not that we need one) to discover how to make the perfect G & T. The idea behind World Gin Day is simple – gather together your friends and family and your favourite bottle for one night to celebrate all things gin. 

– Discover the perfect serve Lakes G & T –

Gin and Tonic









Grab the Lakes Distillery Balloon Glass  it’s time to create the perfect Gin & Tonic.
We hoped you prepared your ice with Lake Distillery Ice Tray creating those mini ice Skiddaw mountains.
Start off by placing your ice into the glass.
Let’s face it you can’t really begin without the “gin”  (Excuse the gin pun we couldn’t resist)
Pour a 50ml measure of  Lakes Gin into your glass.  Start smelling those fresh botanicals come to life.
Top up your gin with a premium tonic mixer to a suitable level to suit you.
Finally the finishing touches require garnishing with pink grapefruit.

Q&A with The Cocktail King  at the Lake Distillery for World Gin Day

Lakes Gin

We managed to catch up with our head of specialist and online retail sales Kieron Hall who has been busy educating and informing our online retailers how to create the perfect serve G&T. After all he certainly isn’t short on cocktail making expertise – he did came up  with our famous take on the Pink Lady Cocktail using Rhubarb and Rosehip Gin Liqueur.

First of all are you a fan of gin & tonics?
I actually wasn’t for quite a while to be honest. I think it is one of those drinks I had to train myself to enjoy when first exploring bartending. Growing up, Gin & Tonic was always something I saw in The Rovers Return on Corrie, served in a wine glass with a solo slice of lemon. But then I learned how to enjoy it properly and the importance of good quality gin and an equally well-made tonic. Now it’s my go-to drink as soon as the sun comes out. 

How do you create the perfect Gin & Tonic?
We’re still in the heart of the current ‘Gin Boom’, there are hundreds of gins to choose from and at all different price ranges. The most important thing is quality, and I hate to say it, but you aren’t going to get that with a cheap gin. It’s worth paying that extra couple of pounds to get a spirit you’ll enjoy. Try it first with the suggested tonic and garnish and then mix it up and figure out how you like it best. Always go for a double though, and don’t drown it in tonic. You want your gin to be the star of the show.

Which tonic would you suggest using with the Lakes Gin?
One of the brilliant things that we have seen with the Gin craze is the revival of Tonics and Soft Drinks in general. There are some amazing companies creating fantastic products at the moment. I really love FeverTree Light Tonic for my G & T. It has really strong quality, but the taste and sweetness is not to overpowering, which makes it a great vehicle for the flavours of Lakes Gin to shine through.

What would you suggest as your Garnish with the classic Lakes Gin?
The Lakes Gin is really robust and classic in flavour. The two biggest flavours that come through are the earthiness of Juniper and a citrus zing. Because you are getting that sharp bite of citrus from the gin, it’s best to avoid anything too sour like lemon or lime. I find that Pink Grapefruit works perfectly. It has a nice balance of bitterness with a little residual sweetness to round everything off perfectly.

Which ingredient must gin include to be called Gin?
What we know now as Gin is an adaptation of an old Dutch spirit called Genever. Genever is the Dutch word for Juniper, which is the primary botanical for any Gin. The legal definition of Gin is, ‘a spirit that is predominantly flavoured with Juniper’. So if there’s no Juniper in it, it’s not really a gin.

What is so special about the Lakes Gin?
The provenance. With the current popularity of gin, it’s very hard for lots of brands not to get lost in the muck and the mire. The Lakes Gin & the Distillery in general really stands out because of our attachment to where we are from. From utilising local botanicals and ingredients in our gin, to running one of the Lake District’s top attractions, we are very much about representing our heritage as well as our products. Experts have tipped that when the gin rejuvenation begins to die out, only a few companies will remain big players in spirits. We’re not only focusing on our present, but also building for our future, which is why I truly believe we will be one of the brands to see this through.

What are you doing for World Gin Day?
I’m going to be missing most of the festivities as I will be away on holiday on the day itself. But I can guarantee I will be sitting by a pool with a healthy measure of G & T by my side and a good book in my hand, the way all of the best drinks should be enjoyed.

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