The Founders’ Plaque is Officially Launched | The Lakes Distillery The Founders’ Plaque is Officially Launched – The Lakes Distillery

Last week we were in preparation for the debut of our Lakes Spring Whisky Festival, and the day saw the launch of our finalised Founders’ plaque fixture.

We’re pleased to announce that our on-site plaque in honour of our Founder members is now complete and stands proudly in our atmospheric cask warehouse among the sleeping spirit.

The Founders’ Club invited customers to join a club exclusively drawing spirit from the first casks ever produced at The Lakes Distillery – a world’s first in the whisky industry! Our memberships were created to demonstrate how the spirit evolves during maturation and the vital role that is played by high quality casks in developing the finished product. We pride ourselves on our relentless passion and commitment to producing the best possible whisky we can, and The Founders’ Club plays a vital role in illustrating this journey. The Founders’ Club offers the ultimate membership for whisky lovers of all ages, with each member receiving a bottle and two sample bottles every year for 10 years.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Founders’ for having faith in the quality of the spirit we’re producing so early on in our launch. The Founders are an integral part of the business and we are proud to have them embarking on this journey alongside us.


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