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We’re excited for the launch our brand new, limited edition, four-year collection; developed in the name of our mantra; Faith, Hope, Luck and Love.

The first release, FAITH will be available for delivery in September 2018. The following creations of HOPE, LUCK, and LOVE will be released in 2019, 2020 and 2021 in order to complete the collection. Each will be a different representation of what can be achieved using the multi-oak maturation technique.

Our Philosophy

Quatrefoil is about our majestic location and its influence our people, product and the creative process. It is about curiosity, reflection, and having an unwavering faith in nature to guide us on this journey. It is an attempt by our Whiskymaker to capture the essence of this land and express it through our whisky. It is not only intense and captivating but also calm and contemplative.

What is the Quatrefoil Collection

The ‘Quatrefoil Collection’ was created to explore a technique known as multi-oak maturation, to accentuate certain wood-derived flavours like dried fruits, vanilla and spice.

This is the first limited edition Single Malt collection available on general sale.

The Lakes Quatrefoil Collection represents the Faith, Hope, Luck and Love we have drawn upon throughout the creation of this family of whiskies.

The silhouette of the Quatrefoil is a never-ending line, a continuing journey, encapsulated in the making of this single malt whisky collection. Our whiskymaker Dhavall Gandhi has poured endless care and creativity into the spirit, immersing his heart and soul into nurturing his artistry and craft, to produce The Lakes Quatrefoil Collection.

As with a painter’s portrait, a wordsmith’s verse or a composer’s score, the creator will indulge themselves in their work. These creations will evolve; ever refining them to make them simply remarkable. Our Whiskymaker is the creator of The Lakes Single Malt and this, The Quatrefoil Collection, represents the start of this creative journey.

Over 3 years ago the Whisky was simply a vision. Now the first of The Lakes Distillery’s single malt collection can be yours.

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