Did you spot the Northern Lights? | The Lakes Distillery Did you spot the Northern Lights? – The Lakes Distillery

Thanks to a burst of solar wind, the Northern Lights have been seen from the Distillery and with clearer springtime skies, the dazzling light display may be visible for the next week or so…

For those who may have dreamed about travelling to the chilly mists of Iceland to see the Northern Lights in action, but haven’t made it yet, you may just spot the natural sensation right here in the Northern Lakes. When the Earth undergoes a unique cosmic alignment, the Aurora Borealis – also known as the Northern Lights, offer a delightful celestial display, and we are sometimes lucky enough to be able to spot it right from our doorstep! It occurs when electrically-charged particles from the Sun enter the Earth’s atmosphere. This results in an assortment of colours, patterns and lights. They are usually known to appear much further north around the Arctic Circle and in countries like Finland, Sweden and Iceland but an unusual burst of space weather can sometimes cause the natural wonder towards our area.

The Derwent Water has been known as a magnet for aurora fans for several years, offering stargazers the perfect opportunity to snap these breathtaking sightings. If you’re a keen photographer, a photo of the lights reflected in our nearby Bassenthwaite Lake will surely propel you to Attenborough-esque glory. The sight is best seen in areas with low light pollution, with those in the north (Scotland, North England and Cumbria) having a greater chance of witnessing the aurora. We were treated to a fabulous display in the Lake District  and the sights were absolutely stunning. Have you got any photographs of the Northern Lights in action? Send them through to us on Facebook and Twitter!

It’s not the first time the Northern Lights have appeared in our local area. Check out this video Cumbrian stargazer, Linda Davison shot recently near the River Derwent.



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