A Round-up of our #LakesMumAwards Entries | The Lakes Distillery A Round-up of our #LakesMumAwards Entries – The Lakes Distillery

Mother (muth-er): noun. Female parent, protector, teacher, superwoman, shoulder to cry on, doctor, teacher, inspiration, beauty, friend, loves unconditionally, Queen, Mum.

We set you all a task of nominating your Mum for the #LakesMumAwards this month, to win a Lakes Luxury Gin Hamper, in celebration of Mother’s Day. We had some amazing responses, and all of us at the Distillery were all completely overwhelmed by your lovely messages. We agreed that all of the nominated Mums were worthy of the gift, so we chose the winner at random. Here’s a few highlights from the nominations… Queue the #MumLove!

“I don’t really snow what to say but it would be really ice as Alison Gair GINuinely deserves the #LakesMumAwards”   Gemma Gair  

“This is Lindsay (the worlds number 2 Corrie fan) and she deserves to win #LakesMumAwards the most! She’s the pie to my mash and she never stops doing whatever she can to make sure me and my brother and sister are happy and healthy!”  Roxanne Tuck 

“This is Kath my mum , she is crazy and hates getting dressed up. She loves dirty robots, posh people and lives like a king ! As you can see!( the dwarf like thing on the right ) love you Mam!”   Clare Arnold 

“My mother should win because she is the TRUE Angel of the North! She’s Mrs Doyle meets Florence Nightingale”  Kate Tomaney

“Diane Carr deserves to win the #LakesMumAward. Apart from being the most thoughtful human to grace this earth, she’s always up for a laugh and no matter what happens continues to put everyone else first and always does it with a smile!” Charlotte Carr

“Here is my Mam on Grandma duties with Isaac. She’s good like that, putting up with us living with her and always happy to do some babysitting! Katie Napier“Tracey Lilburn, for supporting me and for putting up with me winding her up on the daily. Plus I’ll get top brother points if she wins the Gin hamper! ”   Thomas Andrew Lilburn

Best mam ever  Always there for me, even doing the littlest of things to make sure I’m happy   Jenn Long

“Our lovely Mum Carol Collis-Smith is an oriGINal and one in a million she does so much for us and her 4 grandchildren – I’m sure she would love a Mother’s Day hamper 😍 ” Gemma Louise Rudd

“I would love to nominate my beautiful Mam Karen Chandler to win this amazing prize..nothing in the world can thank her for being a great Mam and Nanna that she is. She is so strong, only got married 2 years ago and not only did I loose my pops, she lost her husband..she still manages to stay strong for us all”   Emma Thirkell

“Meet Joan  A mum and Grandma. Loved by all of her family as you can see including her granddog Oban the Jack Russell who is her buddy dog. She has been there for all of us every day of our lives, continues to give us all the love she has as she goes along dealing with her own battle each day. Life is precious, live each day, be thankful for yesterday and hope for tomorrow as she does.My mum, our mum, gran and friend. Who can ask for more   Nadine Farrow

“Clare Longley because she’s still the most thoughtful Mum ever, even though we all live miles away now. Also sends daily pics of the family dog Phoebe so we don’t miss her too much 🐶”  Lizzie Longley

“I nominate Beverly Stepek. My Mum so deserves to win. I’m “disabled” my first surgery was 8 hours away from home and my mum came with me and stayed the whole time. Though all my recoverys mum has cleaned my house cooked my food and bathed me. Recently mum got me a car more fit for my long list of problems. My mum did all this without being asked.”    Laura Blandford 

“My mum Cath deserves to win the #LakesMumAwards there are far too many reason to write down, but she makes the world a brighter place – and is a great gin drinking buddy!” Pamela Lorimer

“My Mam means the world to me and is also my best friend. This would be a fantastic prize for her as not only is it Mother’s Day next week it’s also her birthday” Nichola Jameson

“My mum Helen deserves to win as she is the most selfless person I know she help us in every way possible always putting me and her grandkids first from baby sitting running round after me or just being on the end of the phone, she is always there. She was both mum and dad to me for many years – This is me giving her away at her wedding”  Jemma Dobson

“I’d like to nominate my wonderful Mum Joan. Here she is celebrating her 80th last month with my sister and I. She single handedly raised my sister and I in the 70’s and 80’s whilst working and going to college to become a teacher. She’s an absolute inspiration to us and we love her dearly  Julie Vance Adamson

“My Mum who travelled to Newcastle every week to see me and my daughter in hospital whilst my daughter was waiting for her Heart Transplant last year” Emma-Jane Taylor

“My Mum has been my rock, my support, a shoulder to cry on, a laugh and on occasion we’ve been so drunk I can’t remember going home! (You might call that bad parenting ) She’s always at the end of the phone day or night and is selfless to me and my disabled brother. She puts others first before herself and takes no prisoners!”   AJ Shield

“Don’t know what I’d do without my Mam Jackie. She looks after my children so I can go to work, and is always there when I need her. She cared for my nan until she sadly passed away and she deserves a lovely treat” Natalie Bell

“After a crazy busy last year, having to move twice and my Amazing fiancee Donna Thrower being pregnant, the birth of our amazingly beautiful and perfect little girl. I want to nominate her on behalf of our little one. We have so much go wrong lately and she has been there for me and our little one so much.” Stephen Edwards

“My Mam could use this gin hamper after raising the Von trap family, cracking the whip, and making sure we made it out alive. Just when she thought it was time to relax she’s been blessed with even crazier grandchildren to cope with haha! She’s an angel at times”  Paige Castle Edes

“My daughter Victoria because her son had a kidney transplant last year age 3 . She been through so much, I’m just very proud of her.” Sheila Palmer

“My Mammy Beverly Stepek deserves to win this because I couldn’t be the mummy I am without her. She always puts everyone first before herself and she deserves a treat”  Amy Marie Gillespie

 “My Mummy H Lesley Hodgson because she’s simply the best ” Stacey Gray-Hodgson

“I’m nominating my Mum Marian Carey because she has just finished working, and faces an uncertain future, although this will hopefully be a positive one. She is moving to the Lake District and is hoping to make a living out of being a consultant. She has always put her family first, and has spent most of her savings helping others. This has made things more difficult for her personally. It would be lovely for her to have something special and unexpected happen to her, especially something connected to the place she loves so much.” Dominic Carey

My Mam deserves to win for a couple of reasons:
1) she battles on with a bad back and continues to help out who ever else she can
2) she’s a fab granny to my 2 kiddies
3) we have a good laugh
4) she loves gin 👌x.     Laura Robinson

“My mum Shirley Binmore because we are two peas in a pod, also because I don’t see her every day, week, month, she lives in Devon I live in Yorkshire, oh and because she loves Gin, she even put it in my name  Gina Hunter

“My wonderful mumma Maria 💕 Not only is she stylish, fabulous and a lover of gin, she is also the most loving, kind and caring mum and best friend I could ask for. And a massive fan of anything ‘Lakes’ related!  ” Yasmin Anning 

“My mum taught me always to be myself and made me into who I am today. She’s always running around after everyone else and could do with a treat.” Debz Lea Clarke

“My mom , now in her 80s steps up to look after her great grandchildren at the drop of a hat / short notice without a second thought  a true treasure !  ” Philippa Howe 

“There are no words to what my mum means to me, she’s my best friend and I would truly be lost without her! ” Emily Newton 

“Jean is a Mother who can make each of her children feel like a favourite, when she doesn’t have a favourite” Howard St.Quinton 


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