Gin continues to reign supreme as the nation’s favourite spirit. You don’t have to be a mixologist to take advantage of the revival by shaking up some interesting gin cocktails, and we have just the remedy to feed your GINspiration!

Derived from it’s ancestor cocktail, The New Orleans Fizz, this cocktail became so popular after its creation in 1888 that it took on the name of its creator – Henry C. Ramos. Ramos eventually opened up his own bar – The Stag, where his drink’s reputation really grew, putting it’s mark on cocktail history. Legend tells that the Ramos Gin Fizz was so popular that his bar needed at least 20 bartenders working solely on just that cocktail. During Mardi Gras in 1915, a chain of 35 “shaker boys” famously handed shakers to one another behind the bar. According to Stanley Arthur in ‘New Orleans Drinks and How to Mix ‘Em’, the bar staff “nearly shook their arms off, and were still unable to keep up with the demand.”

Sadly, with the onset of the prohibition, good things for Ramos eventually came to an end. He announced at the stroke of midnight “I’ve sold my last Gin Fizz!”. He held the recipe for his iconic cocktail close to his chest and history remains divided on whether or not he did eventually share it before he died.

New Orleans is a vibrant city that opens wide and embraces its visitors wholeheartedly. Party-goers are sucked into a world of music, dancing and carefree behaviour. This cocktail is a perfect way to shake things up when you need a little holiday. The Lakes Gin Sparkle may give you this much-needed release, from the comfort of your own kitchen!

Fast-forward over a hundred years, the Gin Fizz has taken on many different expressions. They include a collection of different spirits and tantalising twists on the classic. Being the purveyor of the finest tipples around, it’s only natural that we’d like to put our own Lakes twist on it… Behold, The Lakes Gin Sparkle!

The Recipe

12.5ml Lakes Gin Explorer Edition
12.5ml Lakes Elderflower Gin
10ml Funkin Lychee
10ml Passionfruit Syrup
Top with English Sparkling Wine

The Method

Shake (like a shaker boy!) & Fine Strain into a flute glass. Top with English Sparkling Wine

Chin chin!


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