Fresh coffee and Lakes Vodka… need we say more?

Last month we celebrated a much-loved creation by legendary mixing maestro, Dick Bradsell. As we move into December, we are extending our commemorations of the cocktail legend, with another one of his creative concoctions… The Espresso Martini.

This tasty tipple is perfection in a glass; simple, stimulating and utterly delicious, it’s as good after dinner as well as a short, punchy pick-me-up before hitting the town for the evening. The perfect companion if you’re planning on running past your midnight curfew…

As legend reports, the drink was supposedly created after a mysterious super model, out painting the town red, casually strolled into a Soho bar and requested a drink that would “wake her up and *mess* her up”. Although the model in question has never been named, it’s rumoured that Kate Moss was the patron lucky enough to have ordered her drink from Dick Bradsell himself.

The Espresso Martini’s popularity has grown from strength to strength since its birth, shaking up the cocktail scene with its enlivening mix of caffeine and vodka. Its thick layer of frothy foam and pitch-black hue make for an eye-catching drink, the perfect combination of sleek and sharp. Espresso is a key component of the drink, so a freshly pulled shot is best of all. If you don’t have an espresso maker at home, however, an extra strong measure of filter coffee can do in a pinch. A dash of Lakes Vodka and a splash of Lakes Espresso Vodka Liqueur, and you’ll do Kate proud! Garnish with three coffee beans and instantly become the coolest person at the party…


25ml Lakes Vodka
12.5ml Lakes Espresso Vodka
12.5ml Cacao Brun (Chocolate Liqueur)
25ml Fresh Espresso
5ml Sugar Syrup


Add all ingredients to a shaker, shake vigorously and single strain into a chilled Martini glass. Thank us later.



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