Pretty in pink and perfectly delicious… The Lakes Clover Club is a treat for the eyes and the taste buds!

This timeless drink was shockingly dismissed as “something for the ladies” by Esquire Magazine back in 1949… We beg to differ! The Clover Club is a classic cocktail with a rich, silky texture and complexity of flavours, that are delightfully balanced and palatable for all cocktail lovers. Be warned however, it takes an abundance of willpower to be the person who orders just one Clover Club…

In the winter of 1880, an informal get-together of 15 newspaper men took place. This social event quickly became a regular occurrence, taking the proud title the ‘Thursday Club’. Members of the club got together on the 4th Thursday of each month for several years. The renowned  club eventually decided to ‘re-brand’, with a new formal name; The Clover Club. Its membership at this point was made up of 35 male professionals, from various industries and eminent positions. Oscar Wilde himself took proud membership in the club. “A Club for Social Enjoyments, the Cultivation of Literary Tastes, and the Encouragement of Hospitable Intercourse”, the group had one rule – to enjoy yourself!

As no self-respecting drinking society could go without their own signature drink, the creation of a Clover Club cocktail was absolutely necessary. Fast-forward almost 140 years, we at The Lakes Distillery have the pleasure of welcoming this exceptional gin-based addition to our cocktail family!

Perhaps we will launch an all-new 21st Century Lakes Clover Club (Women also welcome!)… Why don’t you give the recipe a try and send us your #CloverClub photos.


50ml Lakes Gin
25ml Lemon Juice
10ml Grenadine
15ml Egg White


Add all ingredients to a Boston tin. Seal, hold tight and dry shake without ice for around 10 seconds. This step is crucial in getting the fantastically fluffy white layer on top! Add ice, then re-shake hard for another 10 seconds. Single strain into a Martini glass and pop a raspberry on top. Job done!

Need some cocktail equipment? Look no further. Our cocktail kit is here.

If you want to give this a try, make sure you take some pictures and tag us on social media! #BringBackCloverClub


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