#TheONEWhiskyRecipe competition – WINNER | The Lakes Distillery #TheONEWhiskyRecipe competition – WINNER – The Lakes Distillery

We’re delighted to announce the winner of #TheONEWhiskyRecipe competition…

We had some great suggestions, from a whisky brownie to a delicious oaty dessert, but our favourite whisky recipe was the Bobby Burns cocktail, suggested by Paul Naylor!

As well as having his cocktail featured on the Bistro menu as of now, Paul has won a meal for two at the Bistro – congratulations! Here’s the recipe below if you’d like to try it for yourself…


Don’t forget to keep an eye out for future competitions in the future!


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  1. Michael Duffy

    Bein a modern guy and health conscious i love overnight oats but i also love the occasional few sips of whiskey.
    This dish combines both and is a subtle light delight after a nice meal.

    What you will need is:

    Half a cupful of fine oatmeal
    Half a cupful of coarse oats
    Large spoon of brown sugar
    Double cream
    Large glug of lakes whiskey
    Large spoon of golden rich honey
    1 punnet of raspberries

    Dead quick and easy to make. Roast the oats in a pan or ideally grill. Sprinkle with sugar. Whisk the double cream being careful to not over do this and add the glug of whiskey and golden honey. Mix in the majority of the crispy oats folding together. Throw in half the raspberries and fold slightly crushing these. Serve in nice large shot glasses. Top the remaining oats over the top. Top with the remaining rasberries and boom! Tasty and light after meal delight